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Salming Jock Strap E in the group Goalie / Protection / Jockstrap at Innebandybutiken.se (1099-1149419-R)
Salming Jock Strap E
Salming Jock Strap E
Salming Jock Strap E
Salming Jock Strap E
Salming Jock Strap E

Salming Jock Strap E

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Salming Jockstrap E
Maybe not the world's most fancy floorball goalie gear, but oh so great to have.

Salming jockstrap E is a suspensoary for the floorball goal keeper. Available in junior and senior size.

Salming jockstrap E is made of airy and stretchy mesh. This ensures that you get a comfortable protection that fits well. The fabric stretches in all directions to give you maximum freedom of movement.

Salming suspensory E has a wide, 5 cm, steady elastic waist. In the middle of the back is the elastic band sewn together with a multi-threaded zigzag seam.

To keep the scoop in place there are two leg loops in elastic. This elastic has a surface like terry on both sides, giving it a nice feel. The elastic is 2 cm wide.

The protective cup itself is in a pocket that is open on the inside. The cup is mostly made of hard plastic, the black part. There are three round ventilation holes in the plastic. Around the edges and partially the sides, the hard plastic is replaced with a softer with more feel of silicone, the orange part. The cup is the same type as the one found in Salming's goalkeeper shorts.
Color: Orange, White
Fit: Regular
Materials: 10% Polyamid, 10% Rubber, 10% Thermo-plastic rubber, 15% Polyethene, 55% Polyester
Sizes: Junior, Senior
Washing: Remove Cup before wash, Wash 40 degrees
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