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Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk
Salming Hawk

Salming Hawk

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Salming Hawk floorball shoes
Floorball shoes that combine everything, lightweight, stable and cushioning!

Salming Hawk is Salming's lightest floorball shoe so far. Which you hardly believe when you look at them. Try them and feel for yourself!

Salming Hawk is made of lightweight textile material in the upper part. On the outside a steady mesh that is very thin and airy, feels almost like a plastic net. Inner yet another mesh, but more dense and cloth-like. Between these two is Salming's stabilizing ExoSkeleton, the darker stripes you see through the outer mesh.

ExoSkeleton runs up to the lacing holes, and this is what generates a lot of stability and fit in Salming Hawk. As you lace on the shoe, ExoSkeleton fits perfect around your foot and Hawk is sitting like molded.

As extra reinforcement and wear surface there are sections of printed plastic over the toe and at the heel. The entire shoe has a minimum of seams, which means you hardly have anything that could chafe or pinch.

The tounge of Salming Hawk is very thin. The top half is made of sturdy material but it's lightly padded just where your tie comes to the foot. The lower part is completely mesh and here the tounge is secured in the sides of the shoe.

Salming Hawk midsole is solid cushioned with Salmings Recoil ERF, EnergyReboundFoam, which sends back the energy of your step to you. In addition, in the heel there is an additional padding with SoftFOAM, which is more stable and hard than it sounds. On the whole, the Hawk makes a very well-padded floorball shoe, without giving a clumsy impression or for that part feeling clumsy on the foot.

Even the inner sole of Salming Hawk has a dampening to enhance comfort. Of course, the in-sole can be removed and replaced.

The outer sole is made of a material that Salming calls HexaGrip. The sole is quite flat, which gives a very low profile and sense of ground in the step. The pattern is in the form of hexagons, which gives a very good grip on indoor floors.

At Salming Hawk's sole you will find classic Salming techniques like LMS + on the outside. LMS + means that the edge is slightly elongated and very straight. This reduces the risk of sprains on the outside of your foot.
On the inside of the sole you will find Salmings RollBar instead. This, in turn, means that the edge of the sole is rounded to make it easier for you to twist your foot when covering a shot and shoot away when you are doing a rush.

Color: White
Season: 2019/2020
Suitable for: Men
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