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Salming Falco
Salming Falco
Salming Falco
Salming Falco
Salming Falco
Salming Falco
Salming Falco
Salming Falco

Salming Falco

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Salming Falco Floorball shoes
The indoor shoes for you who liked Salming Viper 4.

Salming Falco is a floorball shoe based on the Salming Viper 4. The whole upper hand is basically the same as on Viper 4. The sole is known from Salming's former model, Adder.

Upper is made of double layer of mesh. Between the two layers, you'll see the stabilizing ExoSkeleton as wide lines. These run up to the lace holes and make the whole shoe more stable when you lace your shoe. Mesh makes the shoe light and have a good ventilation. However, not so durable. Viper 4 is therefore reinforced over the toe with synthetic leather. On the inside further reinforced with a further layer of wear surface.

The heel is enhanced with Salmings ErgoHeelCup. It means that the shoe stays in place in the heel part all the time and the heel is stable in relation to the rest of the shoe.

The inner sole is ergonomically designed and can be picked up and replace with your own sole if you want. The sulan is EVA-padded.

Falco has an outer sole XR110. Which is a lightweight rubber with good grip that is also durable. The pattern is devised for the best grip, but not so good that you can not make quick stops and dangerous turns.

The sole has Salming Rollbar on the inside of the foot. This means that the edge of the sole is rounded to allow the foot to push off better. But also to be able to flex your foot in a convenient way, when you go down and blocking shots.

On the outside there instead Salming LMS+. LMS+ means that the edge of the sole is extended and has a straight edge. Edge allows you to make quick stops without the foot turns over. The edge also allows you to quickly change direction in addition.

The cushioning of the sole is of light weight EVA, and the heel a more cushioning material. This is not the shoes for those who need a lot of cushioning. This is floorball shoes for those who want a great feel in your step and contact with the surface.

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