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Salming ball bag Aero for floorballs
Salming Ball bag Aero

Salming Ball bag Aero

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Salming Aero ball bag
Large storage bag for floorball balls.

Salming Aero Ball bag in a larger size which can accommodate about 150 floorball balls.

This ball bag stands on its own as it has a sewn-metal spring that keeps the sides up, when empty. Aero ball bag is a mesh which allows you to always see if you have any balls in it or not. :) You can easily fold it and make it flat when not needed.

You open the Aero Ballbag zipped around the large cover on the bag. There is also a sewn strap that is long enough for you to be able to hang Aero ball bag over your shoulder.

Add a personal print of your team name to show everyone that this bag is yours!

Color: Black, Yellow
Materials: 100% Nylon
Size: Diameter 40 cm, Height 33 cm
Volyme: 41 liter