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Salming 365 Sock White
Salming 365 Sock White
Salming 365 Sock White
Salming 365 Sock White
Salming 365 Sock White
Salming 365 Sock White

Salming 365 Sock White

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Salming 365 Pro Socks
Training socks 365 Pro from Salming Floorball, filled with clever solutions for a nicer feel.

Of course, the stockings in Salming 365 Pro Training collection of workout clothes, even those of the functional material CoolFeelTM. CoolFeelTM diverts heat and moisture from your skin and keep your feet drier as you train. Drier feet = less risk of blisters, athlete's foot and other unpleasantness run the risk of destroying your training.

Salming 365 Pro Socks are knitted anatomically and each pair contains a right and a left sock. Fortunately, it is knitted underneath so you do not have to hesitate when you put on them. Underneath the sock is a gray area. It is knitted terry knitting on the inside, providing a relieving and comfortable feeling for the foot. This knitting goes up much further on the outer side of the foot, as he is more exposed than the inside. Over the instep is an elastic insertion in the blue stripes that holds the sock in place over the foot.

The leg on Salming 365 socks are ribbed on the front with a soft edge to the end of the shaft. The socks sit up well without sitting too tight. At the rear of the shaft is a party in strecthig moss st with terry on the inside, which gets a little thicker. The purpose of this knitting is to protect the ankle and Achilles tendon, where it is subjected to the greatest load. In the party's logo Salming nicely knitted.

The socks are available in three sizes double. Since the sock is very stretchy, do not trouble it becomes too large in the smallest size or feel like it is not quite enough in the largest.

Color: White
Fit: Regular
Materials: 35% Polyproylene, 34% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 3% Spandex
Washing: Wash 40 degrees, tumble dry
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