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Rotor Floorballs in 50-p incl ball bag
Rotor floorball balls 50-pack
Rotor floorball balls 50-pack
Rotor floorball balls 50-pack

Rotor floorball balls 50-pack

1349 kr / 949 kr

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Rotor Floorballs 50-pack
A bigger pack with floorballs.

Big Pack with 50 pc Rotor floorballs Save on, buying this set. A really good deal!

The Rotor ball is an advanced and match-approved floorball from Oxdog Floorball.

On the outside is a Rotor pattern, called dimples, in the form of lowered rectangles. A patterned surface affects the air currents around the ball when it is rolling. Dimples makes the ball roll faster and more controlled. Just the way you like it to be.

Color: White
Face: Dimples rectangle
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 50
Weight: 23 gram