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Floorballs Rotor package of 5 balls
Rotor floorball 5-pack White
Rotor floorball 5-pack White

Rotor floorball 5-pack White

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Rotor match floorballs in 5-pack
Five floorballs at the price of four.

Package with just the right amount of floorballs with surface pattern. Here you will get one floorball on the purchase of superb Rotor. Rotor is a match-approved floorball made by Oxdog.

Rotor has a slightly different surface pattern in the form of slightly bent rectangles. A surface pattern gives the ball less friction against the floor, and the track becomes smoother and more controlled.

But perhaps the most interesting part on Rotor is inside. If you look into the ball, you'll see small raised beams that runs criss-cross inside the ball. They have the task of establishing the shape and making the ball harder and more stable. This makes Rotor give you tougher shots and better long passes.

The holes on the Rotor floorball have a ring around them. It may seem like a dull detail, but it's not. If you look carefully, you'll see that the holes are a bit like a funnel. But not so that the funnel points inwards without outwards. The smart thing about it is that the air is not led into the ball which, of course, provides tougher shots, a more straight ball run, etc. You'll get it!

Color: White
Face: Dimples rectangle
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 5
Weight: 23 gram