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Player 60 set Goal, Sticks+ Ball in the group Floorball Sticks / Bundles at Innebandybutiken.se (1299-79-1100-60)
Set with small floorball goal two floorball sticks and floorball ball
Player 60 set Goal, Sticks+ Ball
Player 60 set Goal, Sticks+ Ball
Player 60 set Goal, Sticks+ Ball

Player 60 set Goal, Sticks+ Ball

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Complete set for small children
Two sweet sticks, ball and a goal - all that is needed!

Two floorball sticks, a goal and a floorball ball in the perfect length for the smallest floorball players.

An orange and a green basic floorball stick with smaller blades. The blades are essentially straight and have a slightly curve on both sides. They work, therefore, to all children regardless of which way the child wants to play. The shaft of the sticks is 60 cm long and it lacks overgrip.

With the kit is a real floorball ball with dimplad surface. The ball is made in the same way as an approved match ball. It is not approved due to the orange color.

The goal in the set i a basic one made of plastic tubes. The goals need mounting.

Affordable package with everything the smallest floorball players need to start the road to becoming a floorball star.

IFF Approved:Not approved
Shaft length:60 cm
Shaft material:Plastic
Size:Widht 64 cm, Height 43 cm, Depth 43 cm
Stick length:70 cm
Suitable for:Kids