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Oxdog Touch Grip White for floorball sticks
Oxdog Grip TOUCH GRIP White
Oxdog Grip TOUCH GRIP White
Oxdog Grip TOUCH GRIP White

Oxdog Grip TOUCH GRIP White

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Oxdog Touch Grip White
Fresh floorball grip with lots of small holes

The Oxdog Touch Grip floorball grip is the grip wrap that has a lot of small holes across the surface. The holes help to absorb and drain moisture from the grip, which gives a drier feeling.

Along the edges of the grip is Oxdog's logo in relief and tone-in-tone.

Touch Grip has a felt-like padding on the back. It has the task of both giving light shock absorbing and thus a more nice feeling in the hand, and the felt also handles the moisture the perforation draws away from the surface.

Oxdog Touch has a adhesive strip on the back. It is almost as wide as the grip and helps keep the grip in place on your floorball stick.

The edges of the Oxdog Touch Grip are thinner, lack the padding and adhesive. This makes it easier to over-lap the edges of the grip when you grip your stick.

The grip is tapered cut at the end you start with the knob. The other end is straight. Here you cut yourself when you has gripped as long as you want it on your stick.

Black sealing tape to secure the finish is included in the package.

Grip kind:Perforated
Grip type:Regular
Length:190 cm
Thickness:2 mm
Weight:39 gram
Width:29 mm