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My Floorball Passer passing aid for floorball
My Floorball Passer Pro
My Floorball Passer Pro
My Floorball Passer Pro
My Floorball

My Floorball Passer Pro

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My Floorball Passer Pro
Practice passing on your own with a rebound system.

My Floorball Passer Pro helps you be a better passer. The rebound system in the Passer Pro helps you become the best teammate on the floorball field. Practice sendning and receiving passes at the same time.

The Passer Pro is made of a rack with taut nylon strings on two sides. It could be used by two players at the same time, due to the construction. The difference between the Passer Pro and the regular Passer, is that the Passer Pro has one straight and one tapered side.

You use the My Floorball Passer Pro by shooting the ball against the strings. They will send the ball back to you. Do you get the feeling of bad back passes? Yes, then you know how other players perceive your passing. Just keep on practicing!

The straight side on My Floorball Passer Pro gives you a pass that goes straight back to you along the floor. The angled side gives you a pass with a little height. Makes you practice take down of air passes.

Between the longitudinal metal rods that hold together the Passer Pro, you can store your exercise balls.

With the package follows stickers with the numbers 1-6 and the colors green, red and yellow. The decals are used to create more advanced exercises.

Practicing your own way or use with the app My Floorball Training. The app is available to download in App Store and Google Play.

You can also combine your workout with My Floorball Passer Pro together with My Floorball Skiller and My Floorball Target Pro. Along with the app's virtual coach, you create your own exercises to train fast reactions and good shots, passing and ball control.

IFF Approved:Not approved
Materials:Plastic and metal
Purpose:Practice passes and ball handling
Size:Lenght 79 cm, Height 12 cm., Widht 18 cm
Weight:4 kg