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Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage
Mizuno Wave Voltage

Mizuno Wave Voltage

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Mizuno Wave Voltage
Superb, comfortable floorball shoes with good support.

Mizuno Wave Voltage indoor shoes are a pair of floorball shoes with tight fit but yet pleanty of room for your toes.

Mizuno Wave Voltage is a floorball shoe with a slightly different outer sole. In the heel part, the sole is completely broken throught with three holes, from side to side. The heel's sole is reinforced with the green parts that are made of hard plastic. However, they flex when you put your foot down and provide both cushioning and a nice feel. Because there is so much less material in the heel, the whole shoe becomes lighter.

The hard green plastic in the heel then continues underneath the arc and creates a stable bridge that makes the Wave Voltage torsional stiff.

The front foot has a sole with a base pattern that is similar to what you have in jogging shoes. Thus, the bending lines are like running shoes. But of course it is a surface pattern and material that is for indoor use.

The upper part is made of airy knitted mesh with soft bolster for a comfortable feel. On the outside there are reinforcements in the synthetic leather. The reinforcements are mostly for making the upper part stable, but of course also helps to create wear surfaces. On the inside of the toe portion a slightly thicker wear surface is applied. Perfect because it is where you wear shoes when you go down and cover shots.

Around the shoe and along the laces there is also synthetic leather applied to create a more durable shoe. But also to give stability to the upper part and make it fit your foot in a good way.

The heel part has padding on the inside. On the outside, artificial leather is used to create support. The reinforcement runs forward and is fastened so that the lacing holes pass through and helps to make it more stable and give hold.

The tounge is padded and therefore also provides good comfort when you wear your shoe. The lacing runs through a slit at the top of the tounge. This means that it is always in the right place.

The inner sole is anatomically shaped, comfortable padded and, of course, you can remove it.

Color: Black
Season: 2019/2020
Suitable for: Men
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