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Kempa Wing
Kempa Wing
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Kempa Wing
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Kempa Wing

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Kempa Wing indoor shoes
Lightweight and steady indoor shoes for floorball.

Kempa Wing is a pair of really affordable high-quality sneakers with good cushioning and nice sole with rubber in cooperation with Michelin.

The Kempa Wing has an upper section in continuous light material that provides good ventilation and therefore also a more comfortable shoe to wear. The entire upper part is in one piece without any seams. To make the upper more stable and slightly more durable, it is coated with thin plastic around the toe part and in stripes on the sides. The yellow decorations help to make Kempa Wing stable.

But Kempa Wing still has an upper part that allows for a lot of movement and freedom for your toes.

The heel is reinforced with Kempas LiteKage for a truly stable and good support. The edge is padded for a nice feel.

Also, the steady tounge has a rather thick padding and the lacing makes the shoe hold together and supports in a good way.

The outsole has a superb grip and is in a special mix based on a cooperation Kempa has with Michelin. You can also find Kempa's honeycomb pattern under shoe. The pattern makes the shoe sort of suck into the floor. In strategic places, the sole has circles like patterns instead. This makes it easier to quickly turn around.

As always with Kempa's indoor shoes, Kempa Wing is well padded. The mid-sole is in lightweight EVA with special addings that make the power of your step reusable to you.

Between the heel and forefoot is Kempas Torsion Aid, which is a more stable party. This makes the shoe more torsional stiff, you get support and do not risk spraining at fast turns.

Kempa Wing has a nice padded insole that is shaped in anatomical way. The sole is pierced and has holes that pass through the entire midsole and outsole for better ventilation. The sole can be taken out and replaced.

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