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Kempa Attack W in the group Shoes / Junior at Innebandybutiken.se (1019-20084481-R)
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W
Kempa Attack W

Kempa Attack W

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Kempa Attack Three W
Affordable floorball shoes that stand out.

Kempa Attack Three is a good pair of indoor shoes, really made for handball, but that is a great fit for floorball. For a good price in addition.

Here in ladies model which also works perfect for junior floorball players.

Attack Three has a normal last , otherwise've Kempa been known little wider shoes.

The upper is mesh that is slightly padded around. Over the toes are black stripes that fix up the forefoot while adding durability. On the sides of the toe is sewn reinforcements in synthetic leather. It is also put in front of the toe to protect and give the shoe a wearing surface.

The heel has Kempas Heel Kage made of PU which stabilizes up. Good to keep the foot in place for quick twists and turns.

The outsole is made of rubber and has a pattern of hexagons or honeycomb pattern. The pattern provides a suction effect that gives you better grip. The outsole is slightly drawn in front of the toe and extra attached with a reinforcing seam.

The midsole has cushioning EVA.

The insole is anatomically designed and is also padded with EVA foam. It is possible to remove the sole and replace with another sole if you wish.
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