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Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two
Kempa Attack Two

Kempa Attack Two

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Kempa Attack Two
Updated version of Kempa Attack Two

Kempa Attack Two indoor shoes that are perfect for floorball. Perfect elaborate on the details and materials, Attack Two handball shoes are a couple of very good shoes for floorball.

Kempa Attack Two has a rubber sole with very good grip. Both the pattern itself and the rubber compound, developed in cooperation with Michelin. The pattern is a mixture of hexagons in the heel and midsole and rectangles with small holes in the forefoot. At strategic places run lines to provide flexing of the sole. And under the big toe is a circle to facilitate quick turns. Kempa has also worked to improve the durability that has become 15% better.

The midsole is cushoned with EVA and have a system that recovers energy and sends it back to you in step, kinetic power, or simply the kinetic energy of Swedish. Between the forefoot and heel are a stabilizing bridge in hard plastic.

The insole is also padded and made of EVA foam. It is anatomically designed. Can be removed and replace with another sole.

The upper of Kempa Attack Two are made of mesh. Mesh allows weight to be kept low and that it becomes a more comfortable climate in the shoe. On the outside there reinforcements applied for both stability and durability.

Toe is partly sewn synthetic leather front at the toe and right in front of the laces. In addition, stabilizing flexgrid over the forefoot, in transparent plastic.

On the sides are an applied pattern for stabilization. It's barely visable, however, just because it is made of transparent plastic.

The heel is Kempas Heel Kage and runs all around the heel. The entire heel is stable and also Control Clip (lower black stripe) whose task is to hold the heel in place at fast turns.

Kempa Attack Two is a lot of functionality and support for a few very good floorball shoes.
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