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IB Pro Grip 2-pack for a nice price
IB grip Pro Grip 2-pack
IB Pro Grip Pink floorball grip for floorball sticks
IB Pro Grip floorball grip
IB grip Pro Grip 2-pack
IB grip Pro Grip 2-pack

IB grip Pro Grip 2-pack

238 kr / 199 kr

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Pro Grip floorball grip  - 2 pack at a great price!
Probably the world's best grip for your floorball stick!

Pro Grip has an absolutely superb grip at an unbeatable price.

Pro Grip is a smooth grip wrap with a sticky surface that sticks your hands to your sticks grip. Just the way you want it.

At Pro Grip is a zigzag pattern of narrow lines embossed in the middle of the grip. It enhances the sucking effects while preventing your hands from slipping along the grip.

The edges of the Pro Grip are faced on the back of the grip wrap. This makes the grip very smooth when you apply it onto your floorball stick. The phasing causes the joints to melt into each other and not build a "ridge".

The Pro Grip ends are tapered to give a smoother beginning and end of the grip. Just cut off any excess of the grip when you gripped you stick as far as you think suits you. Included in the package are black sealing tape.

This 2-pack contains 1 pc white and 1 pc pink Pro Grip.

  • Pink grip: 1 st. IB Grip Pro Grip Magenta (Art.no. 1027-030-006)
  • White grip: 1 st. IB Grip Pro Grip White (Art.no. 1027-030-001)
    Color: Pink, White
    Grip kind: Imprinted pattern
    Grip type: Regular
    Length: 202 cm
    Materials: 100% Synthetic
    Thickness: 1,8 mm
    Weight: 33 gram
    Width: 26,5 mm