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Build your stick

Custom Lab - build your own floorball stick

Build your own floorball stick in our Custom Lab

Here you build your very own floorball stick after your own taste.

We at Innebandybutiken has selected a number of different floorball shafts, blades and grips
and gives you the ability to self-assemble them.

This is how it goes:
1. Choose shaft
2. Choose shaft lenght
3. Choose blade
4. Select the assembley or not
5. Add to cart
6. Order!

Do you want more than oneyou can easily change to the number you wish to orderYou will receive two (or more) identical floorball sticks.
Do you want more than one but different, so you build up each variant you want and add it to the cart.

Easy as pie and lots of fun!

Order by:
Salming 29 Custom
From 498 kr
From 698 kr
Salming CC 27 Custom
From 648 kr
From 848 kr
Unihoc 26 Oval Custom 96 cm
From 648 kr
From 748 kr
Unihoc 29 Custom
From 548 kr
From 748 kr
Unihoc FeatherLight 26 Custom
From 1098 kr
From 1298 kr
Unihoc SuperTopLight 26 Custom
From 1198 kr
From 1398 kr
Unihoc TopLight II 26 Custom
From 748 kr
From 1098 kr