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Floorball goal + shooter tutor in the group Goals and Skills / Floorball Goals at Innebandybutiken.se (1027-mspaket-R)

Floorball goal + shooter tutor

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Floorball goal and shooter tutor - package price
The more hours you spend practicing your shooting technique, the greater the chance of playing for the national team in floorball eventually.

Mountable fullsize GOAL for floorball in powder coated steel tubing in two colors, classic red or silver.

The steel pipes have a diameter of 25 mm. Equipped with nets and drop net of nylon cord, 2.2 mm thick, 45 mm mesh. The goal has back strays which is bolted to the frame. The cage is almost as steady as a fully welded floorball goal.

Ball buster - great for practicing your floorball shots or if there is no floorball goalkeeper at the floorball training. The Shooter tutor is easily attached with Velcro around the crossbar and poles.

Supplied unassembled in a carton. Not approved for match play organised by floorball federation.

  • Choose goal: 1 st. Floorball Goal Active 160x115 red (Art.no. 1027-263), or
         1 st. Floorball Goal Active 160x115 silver (Art.no. 1027-263S)
  • Shooter Tutor incl.: 1 st. Shooter tutor Ball buster (Art.no. 1027-975)
    IFF Approved: Not approved
    Size: Depth 66 cm, Height 115 cm, Widht 160 cm