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Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe shinguards
Fat Pipe

Fat Pipe shinguards

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Fat Pipe long goalie shinguards
Fatpipe unique and outstanding long kneepads for floorball goalie.

Fat Pipes long shinguards is special and has no equivalent. Perfect for those who want to have padding along the shins.

Fatpipe long leg shinguard is traditionally sewn as a tube in the upper part and fully open the knee hollow and down. Because they are extra long will these shinguards reach down to your ankles.

The top edge of Fat Pipe shin guards are countoured cut and slightly shorter back than the front. It provides a better fit around your legs. The edge has a soft edge band is sewn with elastic seam. Minimizes chafing, helps to keep the leg guard in place and over the edge keeps its shape. At the top there is also a 5 cm wide elastic band that you strap to the leg guard with. You attach the elastic band on two pieces of Velcro attachment points.

At the back, the leg guard is traditionally cut with a hole for the knee hollow. The difference is then that this kneepad is open all the way down. You close it with four 5 cm wide elastic band fastened with Velcro. Elastic bands have a surface terry on the back. This means that they adhere well to the Velcro but also make it feel more comfortable if they are against your skin. Of course, you can tighten up the lower part completely so that there is only neoprene against your skin. The cover is completely open also makes it easier to pull on and off.

The damping is extra long and as wide as the entire front of the velcro wraps. It is about 2.5 cm thick and has a nice feeling of slight resistance. In the top up at the knee, the padding is cut rounded.
Materials:58% Neoprene, 42% Polyamide
Suitable for:Junior, Senior
Washing:Gentle 30 degrees, shape when the covers are damp
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