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Fat Pipe floorball grip Sticky Grip black
Fat Pipe Grip Sticky Grip Black
Fat Pipe

Fat Pipe Grip Sticky Grip Black

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Fat Pipe Sticky Grip
Classic floorball grip wrap from Fatpipe

Sticky Grip from Fat Pipe is Fatpipe most sticky grip wrap for floorball sticks. If you want a grip gives you a really sticky grip, you should use Sticky Grip on your floorball stick.

Fat Pipe Sticky Grip is a traditional smooth grip wrap with a shock absorbing foam foil on the back. In five places on Sticky is the text "Fat Pipe" as decoration.

On the backside there is also a thin adhesive tape to make gripping easier. Both ends are tapered cut.

Black strip to secure the end with is included in the package.

Grip kind:Plain
Grip type:Regular
Length:202 cm
Thickness:1,8 mm
Weight:39 gram
Width:26 mm