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Exel Grip T-3 PRO Neon pink in the group Grip / Premium at Innebandybutiken.se (1272-11613004)
Exel Grip T-3 PRO Neon pink

Exel Grip T-3 PRO Neon pink

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Exel T-3 Pro Pink
Floorball grip wrap with patterned surface.

Exel grip wrap T-3 Pro is a floorball grip with a wavy surface pattern that gives a nice grip to your floorball stick.

Exel T-3 Pro Grip's wavy patterns make you feel a little resistance in the grip, which gives a good grip. T-3 Pro works best if you don't has a lot of hand sweat, as it becomes more slippery when it becomes moist.

The Exel T3 Pro Grip has edges that are a bit thinner and smooth. It's because they're going to over-lap on each other when you grip your stick.

On the back of the T-3 Pro there is a shock absorbing felt that gives the grip a nice elastic feel. It also makes the grip feel quite thick.

At one part of the Exel T3 Grip, the grip is plain and here is Exel's logo as decor.

The ends are cut in a tapered way to get a good finish and start of your gripping.

Packed with a black seal strip.

Grip kind:Imprinted pattern
Grip type:Regular
Length:219 cm
Thickness:2 mm
Weight:38 gram
Width:25 mm