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Dynamic floorball ball white 200-pack in the group Balls / Big pack at Innebandybutiken.se (1111-50970-200)
Dynamic floorball ball white 200-pack
Dynamic floorball ball white 200-pack
Dynamic floorball ball white 200-pack

Dynamic floorball ball white 200-pack

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Dynamic floorball ball 200-pack
Floorball with innovative thinking in the design, obviously approved for the match!

Dynamic is designed to give you the best feeling and control on the floorball field.

The surface pattern on Dynamic floorball is something completely new. Here, irregular channels are submerged across the surface. The raised spaces that are formed have a lot of different shapes and sizes, depending on where on the ball it is. And even the surface of these surfaces is patterned with a grid. All of these designs are designed to give the ball a better roll, with less air resistance. The ball itself feels a little lightly rough when you touch it, so it feels contradictory that it should roll faster and easier.

Around the holes, which of course are 26, there is a slightly reinforced ring.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that you don't see at all. On the inside, there should be an integrated framework. It has the function of Dynamic having a stable weight around. It is important to get a ball that has a smoother roll and a straight, more predictable ball path.

All floorballs are cast in two halves and welded together. Dynamic has a joint that is very difficult to detect. It must mean that the properties of the ball better with it.
Color: White
Face: Grid
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 200
Weight: 23 gram