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400 pack of orange Crater floorballs
Crater floorball balls orange 400-pack
Crater floorball balls orange 400-pack

Crater floorball balls orange 400-pack

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Floorball Crater orange in 400-pack
Match-approved floorball with a whole new surface pattern!

Crater or Cr8ter is a floorball with a completely new surface pattern. Gone are the dimples, the little pits, found on most other floorballs. Here you will find a square pattern, roughly like the latitude and longitude lines of an earth globe.

Crater is developed to get a ball that runs more straight, more controlled and with more speed.

The grid-pattering that is found around Cr8ter has the purpose of the airflow created around a floorball when it is shoot, will give less resistance. The air simply finds one of the submerged lines and can follow it. It gives less air resistance, which can also give the ball more speed.

At Crater, there are also the 26 holes a floorball must have developed. Here you have studied what happens to the air currents around a traditional floorball and its holes. It was found that lightly beveled edges on the ball make the air more easily come into the ball at the shot. This makes the ball get a more stable course.

Crater floorball is the official floorball for SSL and Elitserien since the 11/12 floorball season.

Color: Orange
Face: Grid
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 400
Weight: 23 gram