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Bottle rack for 8 bottles Black in the group Clubs / Bottles at Innebandybutiken.se (1021-3024-M8)
Black bottle rack for 8 bottles
Bottle rack for 8 bottles Black

Bottle rack for 8 bottles Black

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Bottle rack
A stable bottle rack in black metal where all sorts of sports bottles fit. This rack is really steady and can withstand rough handling.

The handle can be folded down so it takes up less space. Handle length entails that you carries the rack rather smoothly when there are only a few filled bottles in the rack.

Dimensions: length 38.5 cm, width 24 cm, height with the handle folded up 28 cm, with handle folded down 16.5 cm

The bottle rack is delivered without bottles.

Materials:Metal wire
Volyme:8 bottles
Accessories to: Bottle rack for 8 bottles Black