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Blade for floorball sticks. Replace your worn out floorball blade to a new fresh one. We have floorball blades from all the big floorball brands.
  • Exel Fat Pipe Innebandybutiken Oxdog Salmans Salming Unihoc Wooloc X3M Zone
  • Exel Air Exel Megalomaniac Exel Vision Exel X-Blade Fat Pipe Bone Fat Pipe Boom Fat Pipe Hole Fat Pipe Jab Fat Pipe Jai-Alai Fat Pipe Orc Fat Pipe Raw Oxdog Avox Carbon Oxdog Avox Oxdog Block Oxdog Delta Carbon Oxdog Delta Oxdog Razor Oxdog Uplift Salming Aero Z Salming Aero Salming Hawk Salming Quest Salming Quest1 Salming Quest2 Salming Quest3 Salming Quest5 Unihoc ACE Unihoc Cavity Z Unihoc Cavity Unihoc Epic Unihoc EVO3 Hook Unihoc Infinity Unihoc Player Unihoc Player+ Unihoc RePlayer Unihoc Sonic Unihoc Unity Unihoc Volcano Wooloc ULTRA X3M Cut X3M Shooter X3M Xplode Zone Force Zone Greed Zone Hyper Zone Masterpiece Zone Monstr Zone Supreme Zone Zuper
  • Hard Medium Light Medium Medium+ Light Medium+ Soft Light Soft
  • HDPE plastic PE plastic PE Plastic PP plastic Some kind of metal, we really don't know actually
  • 70 gram 71 gram 72 gram 73 gram 74 gram 75 gram 76 gram 77 gram 78 gram 79 gram 80 gram 81 gram 82 gram 83 gram 85 gram
  • Black Blue Brown Green Grey Neon Red Orange Pink Purple Red Silver White Yellow

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