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Blade for floorball sticks. Replace your worn out floorball blade to a new fresh one. We have floorball blades from all the big floorball brands.
  • Exel Fat Pipe Innebandybutiken Oxdog Salming Unihoc Wooloc X3M Zone
  • Exel Air Exel Vision Exel X-Blade Fat Pipe Bone Fat Pipe Boom Fat Pipe Hole Fat Pipe Jab Fat Pipe Jai-Alai Fat Pipe Orc Fat Pipe PWR Fat Pipe Raw Fat Pipe Wiz Oxdog Avox Carbon Oxdog Avox Oxdog Block Oxdog Delta Oxdog OptiLight Oxdog Razor Oxdog Uplift Salming Aero Z Salming Aero Salming Hawk Salming Quest Salming Quest1 Salming Quest2 Salming Quest3 Salming Quest5 Salming Shooter Unihoc ACE Unihoc Cavity Z Unihoc Cavity Unihoc Epic Unihoc EVO3 Hook Unihoc Infinity Unihoc Player Unihoc Player+ Unihoc RePlayer Unihoc Sonic Unihoc Unity Unihoc Volcano Wooloc ULTRA X3M Cut X3M Shooter X3M Xplode Zone Force Zone Greed Zone Hyper Zone Maker Zone Monstr Zone Supreme Zone Zuper
  • Hard Medium Light Medium Medium+ Light Medium+ Soft Light Soft
  • HDPE plastic PE plastic PP plastic Some kind of metal, we really don't know actually
  • 65 gram 70 gram 71 gram 72 gram 73 gram 74 gram 75 gram 76 gram 77 gram 78 gram 79 gram 80 gram 81 gram 82 gram 83 gram 85 gram
  • Black Blue Green Grey Orange Pink Purple Red Silver White Yellow

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