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Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner
Asics Netburner

Asics Netburner

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Asics Gel-Netburner Ballistic
The absolute top shoe for floorball, from Asics

Asics Gel-Netburner Ballistic is an indoor shoe perfect for floorball. You recognize much from Asic's running shoes in the design and appearance. But of course Netburner Ballistic is adapted for indoor sports.

That the Gel-Netburner Ballistic is an light shoe for fast movements, is already known by the name Ballistic. The entire shoe has a low profile with an outer sole that provides good ground contact. The sole reminiscent in pattern and construction a lot about Asics tops in the category Running. The difference is that the pattern is made for interior surfaces and that the turning zones exist.

The sole is made of material, NV Rubber, that works equally well on a dry and damp surface.

The damping of the sole is Asics own material FlyteFoam, for a nice feel and good cushioning. The damping system both takes up the power of your step and protects you from the negative power of the impact, and sends the energy of your step back to you.

The upper part of Gel-Netburner Ballistic is made of lightweight and ventilating mesh. On top of the mesh there are reinforcements in printed thin plastic. The mesh keeps the weight down and the reinforcements make the shoe more stable and more durable.

The upper part is made with so-called California Last. This means that the entire upper is in one piece. It then sews into the sole and creates a more stable shoe with fewer seams that can irritate on the inside.

The inner sole is dampened with FlyteFoam and can be replaced with your own favorite sole.

The heel part goes up a little further over the Achilles tendon and is padded with Asics Memory Fit foam. A padding that conforms to your own foot.

The tongue is very thin, which also makes Asics Ge-Netburner Ballistic a smooth and lightweight shoe.

Color: Black
Season: 2019/2020
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