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Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond
Asics Gel-Beyond

Asics Gel-Beyond

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ASICS Gel-Beyond 5
Floorball Shoes in stylish matte black with shiny details in orange.

Asics Gel-Beyond 5 is a floorball shoe who has been around a number of floorball seasons. The figure 5 shows that this is the fifth generation. And as always, Asics constantly update and improve their shoes  to give you the best possible performance and experience.

Gel-Beyond's indoor shoe with the really lightweight feeling. Built on basically lightweight materials without compromise on comfort and durability.

Uppers, have Asics California Last. This means that the whole upper part is made in one piece, like a sock. The sock is then sewn in the midsole. There are no seams that can crack then. Otherwise, the top part are made of light mesh for ventilation. It is reinforced with synthetic leather for stability and durability.

On the toes forward and along the inner edge is Asics Rhyno Skin-put for extra durability.

The heel is really supportive with extra stable reinforcements. The heel is reinforced with synthetic leather to two-thirds. The top edge has got a softer lining for added comfort and ease pressure on the Achilles tendon. The inside is nice padded.

The midsole are made of shock absorbing SpEva. Additional Gel in the heel of the Asics Gel, you see it as the transparent part.

The outsole is made of rubber that provides both grip and allows quick steps. Between the toe and heel you find a stable bridge in hard plastic. 

The insole is anatomically shaped and is padded with EVA. The insole could be removed and replaced with any other sole.
Color: Black
Season: 2019/2020
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