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Salming Aero+ floorballs in 50-pack
Aero+ floorball balls 50-pack
Aero+ floorball balls 50-pack

Aero+ floorball balls 50-pack

1349 kr / 1099 kr

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Aero+ match balls 50 pcs
A bit more floorballs in big pack.

Aero+ (AeroPlus) in big pack. Perfect with a big pack of floorballs for the floorball team.

Aero+ is a surface-patterned ball consisting of 1800 small round pits. Inside there are three stabilized beams that provide balance. The ball itself is a bit softer in the feel but the beams and the plastic it is made of gives you a superb playable floorball.

Color: White
Face: Dimples round
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 50
Weight: 23 gram