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Salming Aero+ flooorballs in a big pack of 100 pc
Aero+ floorball balls 100-pack
Aero+ floorball balls 100-pack

Aero+ floorball balls 100-pack

2599 kr / 1299 kr
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Aero+ match floorballs 100 pcs
A bit more balls in big pack.

Big Pack Aero+ floorballs at a better price. Save time and money, buy more balls at once.

Aero + is a smart floorball from Salming. The ball has a surface pattern of small round pits, so-called dimples. At Aero Plus, it's actually 1800. The edges of the dimples are finely tuned so as not to give a sharp edge as to the aerodynamic idea of the dimples. The purpose of surface pattern on the ball is that it will have lower air resistance, which makes it roll faster and keeps the pace longer. The dimples also make the ball track more predictable and you can place the ball with greater accuracy wherever you want.

Color: White
Face: Dimples round
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 100
Weight: 23 gram