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Aero+ floorball balls white in 5-pack
Aero+ floorball 5-pack White
Aero+ floorball 5-pack White

Aero+ floorball 5-pack White

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Aero+ match floorball in 5-pack
Buy 4 super good floorballs and get 1 free!

Aero+ (AeroPlus) is a brand new floorball from Salming floorball.

At Aero+ the surface is dimpled with twice as many small pits than a regular floorball, the entire 1800 pieces on each ball! A floorball with surface pattern, dimples, has better aerodynamic properties. This makes the ball roll faster and keeps moving farther. The ball track is also more predictable and you can place your shot with more precision. When you tourch the surface of the ball, the ball feels smooth and nice. Normally, dimples can give a slight sharp sensation that also gives some resistance to the floor.

Inside Aero+ floorball there are three stabilized beams. They have the task of creating a better balance in the ball. Balance is important for the ball to move straight and stable. But they also help to make the ball more steady and give a sense of more resistance.

The plastic in Aero+ is a newly developed fusion that will gives a more comfortable feel because Aero Plus is softer than the regular Salmings Aero floorball. A softer ball gives you better playing and ball feeling.

Aero+ is simply a very affordable floorball game that gives you a lot of fun on the floorball field.

Color: White
Face: Dimples round
IFF Approved: Approved
Pieces: 5
Weight: 23 gram