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Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce
Adidas Counterblast Bounce

Adidas Counterblast Bounce

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Adidas Counterblast Bounce
New version of Adidas popular indoor shoes Counterblast

Adidas Counterblast Bounce combines previous versions of Counterblast with Adidas own Bounce cushioning.

Adidas Counterblast Bounce has Adidas padding material Bounce in the mid-sole. It's a cushioning that both absorbs the shocks but also recovers the energy and sends it back to you. Everything to be able to do more and have an lighter step.

The upper of Counterblast Bounce is of mesh with reinforcements in different layers. It provides good stability and durability. Outermost there is a layer of printed plastic. It is, however, broken through to allow the shoe to breathe.

Over the toe is a thicker layer of reinforcement. Both to protect your toes but also to create a little more wear resistance in shoe.

On both sides there are also thicker reinforcements in the shape of an X. One end of the cross goes down and attaches to the sole while the other goes up and ends around two lashes. This makes the shoe fit around your foot as you pull the shoe strings and ties it.

Adidas Counterblast Bounce is lined with thin flat shoelaces. It makes it extremely easy-to-use and the laces are better in place.

Instead of a regular tounge, Adidas Counterblast Bounce has an inner sock. It keeps the foot really well in place in shoe. At the back of the heel, the heel padding is integrated into the inner sock.

The entire heel is padded for best comfort. Here is also the material that lies against your foot or sock, of cat tounge. It is a material that is smooth downward but rough upward. The point is to keep your foot and shoe in place, using the sock you are using.

The outer sole of Counterblast Bounce is quite flat for a good ground feel. The pattern is like a remarkable camo pattern and has the function of providing the best possible grip of course.

In the middle foot there is a stabilized bridge in hard plastic. It makes Adidas Counterblast Bounce a torsional stiff shoe.

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